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“Building Blocks” was developed by Chase Wilson Education’s Director of Educational Programs Andrew Yeager, and is an unparalleled tool that helps teachers, counselors, and school administrators address bullying by understanding and confronting the issue like never before...

The Building Blocks of HIB: Bullying Re-Defined was designed for students in grades 6-12 and is comprised of three distinct sections:

Part One:  “The Building Blocks of Bullying” 

We redefine bullying – dispelling common myths and exposing the underlying roots of bullying behavior.  The curriculum provides a detailed description and analysis of the 20 “Building Blocks” that lead to harassment, intimidation, and bullying (HIB). This information allows educators and students to understand and interpret the true motivations behind bullying like never before.

Part Two:  “Core Lessons, Classroom Infusion Lessons, & Film Analysis” 

Using the “Building Blocks” as a foundation; this highly detailed section provides teachers with a wide variety of lessons to use in the classroom.  

Core Lessons:  An introduction and detailed description of the “The Building Blocks,” including a Building Blocks Checklist and Behavioral Assessment Worksheet, to be used in conjunction with multiple Case Studies for student analysis. 

Classroom Infusion:  A variety of lessons that subtly “infuse” anti-HIB education within a variety of subject areas.  Lessons are provided for English Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Physical Education and Health, World Languages, Music, Visual Arts, and accommodations for Special Education.

Film Analysis:  Using the highly effective anti-bullying film “Sticks & Stones,” students address specific issues such as cyber-bullying, homophobia, hate speech and peer pressure. 

Part Three:  “Counseling the HIB-Involved Student” 

This section provides detailed therapeutic strategies for counseling HIB-involved students and includes assessment forms and guidelines for creating effective treatment plans and documenting student progress.





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